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Whole House Surge Protector Installation

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Whole house surge protection is an excellent way to protect expensive appliances or other valuable electronic equipment. It’s best to think of whole home surge protection as an insurance measure to reduce the risk of much more expensive repairs.

What are surge protectors?

Surge protection devices are hard-wired into the main electrical panel of your home (or business) to prevent power surges from entering your home. Installing a surge protection/suppression device requires a licensed electrician. “Surge protector” and “surge suppressor” are used interchangeably.

What is a power surge?

A power surge is a short burst of electricity that creates a substantial spike in your home’s electrical current. The stronger the surge, the higher the risk of damage to your electronics and appliances. 


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What causes power surges?

There are 4 causes of power surges.

  1. Lightning Storms. - Lightning presents the most severe threat for a power surge because a single bolt of lightning can generate enough excess power to damage every appliance and piece of electronic equipment in your home.
  2. Improper or worn wiring. - Worn or poorly maintained wiring is less capable of withstanding a power surge, leaving your home more vulnerable to more extensive damage.
  3. Motor-power devices. - Any motor-powered device that uses electricity has the potential to cause a power surge.
  4. Overloaded outlets & circuits. - Plugging too many appliances and electronics into a single outlet can lead to power surges and electrical fires. The most common outlets where this occurs are behind TVs or underneath desks. Be careful of overloading outlets in your home.

How does a surge suppressor protect my home?

Surge protectors limit the voltage supplied to appliances and electronics in your home. When a power surge occurs, a surge protector will keep your devices from receiving too much electricity, protecting them from damage. Surge protectors are most useful during intense storms where lightning is more likely to cause a power surge. Surge suppressors will divert any extra electricity from a lightning strike away from your electronic devices, but they cannot protect against a direct strike. Surge suppressors are also great to have in commercial and industrial electrical systems. It will protect your business from equipment damage, power outage downtime, and expensive repairs.

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