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Power Outages

The Different Types & When to Call an Electrician

The most common type of power outage affects entire areas when damage to the larger electric grid occurs. A good way to diagnose this issue is to look online for power outages in your area or look outside to see if your neighbors have also lost full power. 

This is most common during bad storms, and there’s (usually) no need to call an electrician to your home or business. You should call the power company to make sure they’re working on a fix and to share any helpful information. Beyond that, just sit tight and the damage will be repaired by your local power company as soon as possible.

Backup Generators for Power Outages

It’s always best to have a source of backup power during an outage. Generators are the best source of backup power. Trawicki Electric can help recommend, install, repair, and maintain your generator to ensure you’re prepared for any extensive outages.


Know when to call an electrician for a power outage
Electrician for power outages in Wisconsin homes

When should I call an electrician during a power outage?

If your power is out, but your neighbors still have power.

If your power is out, but your neighbors are unaffected, the problem is likely inside your home. Check your main fuses or circuit breakers to see if they have blown or tripped. You may be able to restore power by replacing a fuse or resetting a circuit breaker.

If the power is only out in certain rooms of your home.

If your neighbors appear to have power and you still have power in some rooms, chances are something is wrong with the electrical system inside your home. A Trawicki Electric electrician will be able to determine if the outage was caused by minor wiring problems, or if a more serious issue like a failing circuit breaker is to blame.

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