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Commercial & Industrial Lighting Systems: Electrical Contractors in Wisconsin

Commercial lighting systems tend to be more complex than meets the eye. Every property is unique and has its own unique lighting requirements. Decisions regarding equipment, placement of fixtures, brightness, structures, timers, and more all must be considered by the company in terms of utility and expense. The lighting system must also adhere to all laws and regulations.

Trawicki Electric can provide the necessary guidance to designing and building an efficient and effective lighting system for any commercial or industrial property.


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Lighting Design Factors to Consider

Security Lighting

Security is among the highest concerns for commercial and industrial clients. Effective lighting design can prevent vandalism and theft (two of the highest risks of loss), improve the quality of security footage if either occurs and aid overnight security guards in surveillance efforts.

If your business is operational 24/7, or late into the night, effective lighting in the parking lot, around loading docks, and throughout the interior of the building helps maintain a safe and secure environment for the night shift, cleaning crews, and anyone walking to or from their vehicle.

Parking Lot Lighting

Appropriate visibility in the parking lot of a commercial building is a major factor in an effective commercial lighting system. Aside from wanting to implement an effective lighting system to keep employees, customers, drivers, and walkers safe, parking lot lights must adhere to government regulations.

Government Law: All parking lot lights must produce a minimum of four-foot candles of light.

Trawicki Electric can help ensure every light installed in the parking lot meets all legal requirements. During our design process, we can also recommend which light poles, lights, and fixtures to use.

Exterior Lighting for Commercial & Industrial Property

Exterior lighting is another important piece of any commercial or industrial lighting system. Illuminating the outside of the building and ensuring every access point is effectively lit (without producing glare on security camera lenses) is an essential security measure to monitor any authorized and unauthorized people from approaching or entering the building.

A similar principle applies to lighting along walkways, roads, and other pathways around the property. Effectively lit pathways help ensure they’re safe to use and make monitoring them much easier.

Motion-Activated Lighting Systems: Energy-Efficient Security Solution

Motion-activated lights are one of our most common recommendations for businesses. Motion-sensing lights can be left on 24/7 and are great both inside and outside the building. Some of the most popular applications of motion sensors include:

  • Exterior Flood Lights
  • Maintenance Closets
  • HVAC Rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Offices
  • Low-Traffic Hallways


Wisconsin commercial and industrial lighting system design
Commercial and industrial electrical lighting solutions (Menomonee Falls)

Architectural & Landscape Lighting Systems

Architectural and landscape lighting are popular subcategories of exterior lighting. Architectural lighting systems are purely aesthetic and intended to improve the building’s appearance. Landscape lighting can be used to accomplish similar effects but is also used to illuminate sidewalks, signs, and otherwise serve a purpose other than decoration. Both architectural and landscape lighting systems are an excellent investment to improve the appearance of your property.

Trawicki Electric can design an architectural and/or landscape lighting system to meet your unique needs with as much cost-effectiveness as possible.

Trawicki Electric Designs & Builds Custom Lighting Systems in Wisconsin

At Trawicki Electric, our team of electricians and electrical engineers have decades of professional experience. We can design, build, and recommend lighting systems for your commercial and industrial properties at a highly competitive rate. Whether your concerns pertain to security, aesthetics, or both, we will provide an exceptional lighting system at the lowest possible rate. We also do landscape and outdoor lighting for residential properties.

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